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Marcel Ackle's narrow gauge light Model railroading website (German)
The Wedeler Feldbahn of Dieter und Christian Resinger (German)
Frank Engel's Feldbahn website (German)
Railway pages of Christian Protze with detailed listings of engines and numbers (go to "Werkbahnen", German)
Photos of various narrow gauge light railways all over Europa (English)
Vineyard narrow gauge light railway Serrig (German)
Shut down railway pages of Martin Wollmann (German)
Museum of narrow gauge light and industrial railways Oekoven e.V. (German)

Museum of field gauge industrial railways Osnabrück-Piesberg e. V.

Narrow gauge industrial railway museum Lengerich

Brick industry Museum in Mildenberg with several narrow gauges (German)
Narrow gauge light railway museum Leipzig-Lindenau (German)
Narrow gauge light railway museum "Industrieel Smalspoor Museum", Netherlands
Island- und Duikes narrow gauge light railways (German)
Diema-Engines information at Lokrundschau magazine (German)
History and pictures of the Chicago Tunnel Freight Railroad (Englisch) -
Critter Connections - narrow gauge light railway fans in Canada (English)

Swedish peat factory museum with pictures of self-made locos

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