Dear light railway enthusiasts,

welcome to my narrow gauge light railways website.
The purpose of this website is to provide an impression and memory of these little trains on their shaky tracks.
This is basically a scanned photo album, no lists of engines and cars and their numbers were written at the time the pictures were taken, so please do not ask me for details.
I am sorry to say I do not know more than there is on the pictures and plans.

I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this site:
Sven Heise - Beltringharder Koog coast protection railway
Alexander Erdmann - Gudow gravel railway
Martin Wollmann - Niederlehme sand railway
Tiemo Lorenz and André Oellermann - Himmelmoor peat railway
"Bremerbahn" for improvements of the Zehdenick track schemes on Google Earth

Thanks also to Mr.Völz from Kiel for his book "Feldbahnen in Schleswig-Holstein" which helped me to find the railways, and to the loco operators and factory staff for their cooperation and support. Hopefully the peat factory owners who are less willing to have pictures taken and published will let me do so before it is all gone for good.

Here is a travel tip some of you may find interesting:
In central Poland you can find the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Wenecja with an impressing collection of engines (mostly steam) and cars, which are definetely interesting for the light railway fan.
And yet another tip: On the tip of penninsula Hel (Northern Poland) at Gdansk bay there is a military light railway that seemed to be in use at the time of my visit in summer 2005. It is not accessible for visitors, but you can see it from the penninsula main road. A local railway club is said to have taken over the tracks for renovation and extension.

This website is expanding, so please bookmark it and come back from time to time.
The first expansion involved this English version - I saw in the statistics that you are visiting from many countries, so thank your for your interest and enjoy the site !
Please let me know about any wrong words, misspellings etc.

Christian Meyer, Feb 2004, November 2005, June 2006, January 2008, March 2010


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